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Jennifer is the owner of TalentSENSE Consulting and provides Human Resources and Recruiting consulting. TalentSENSE focuses on ensuring excellence in the Human Resources and Recruiting functions within organizations by effectively recruiting, developing, and retaining top talent while maintaining compliance. 


Jennifer has diverse experience in a broad array of industries including legal, accounting, technology, marketing, manufacturing, medical, and retail.  She has in-depth experience ranging from recruiting, training, employee relations, onboarding, performance management, project management, and sales.  Jennifer is well known for her highly motivated, engaging, and results-driven approach to project management and client relationships. 

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Areas Of Expertise

  • Recruiting & Hiring 

    • ​​Attracting, screening, selecting, and hiring top talent

  • Managing & Development

    • Retained, project-based, or interim Human Resources Management services


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  5. How to Grow Your Business

  6. Hiring, Talent Retention and Leadership

  7. Secrets to Zero Surprises with Resignations

  8. Why Candidates are Turning Down Your Job Offer

  9. How to Handle Workplace Conflict

  10. Interviewing Best Practices


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