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Why Candidates Are Turning Down Your Job Offer

According to Glass Door in their 2020 survey, about 1 in 6 candidates reject job offers.

Considering this data, how can recruiters work to creatively and effectively land new hires? Forbes offers some great insights on this subject.

Here are some things to consider in order to improve your recruitment process:

1. Is Your Recruitment Process Too Slow?

It is important to examine your recruitment journey to find the bottlenecks and pain points in the process. Doing so can help you avoid costly and lengthy processes. Creating a standard hiring process will help you to retain top talent in your organisation.

Redesigning your hiring/recruitment processes can also most often help you place a quality candidate in a position with minimal effort.

2. Are You Relying on Your Gut Feeling?

We live in a data-driven age but many recruiters still rely on their instincts when it comes to hiring decisions.

It is important to tap into HR Metrics in order to gain value from your recruiting process. Metrics are essential in helping you make data-driven decisions, that are grounded in evidence which can then positively affect your HR processes.

3. How Does Your Offer Acceptance Rate Compare?

In order to be able to improve your acceptance rate it might be time to examine your acceptance rates and find ways to bring down the number of declines from candidates. It is not enough to have figures in mind without actually making use of data at hand that could help you make adequate changes.

4. What Does Your Work-Life Balance Look Like?

Work-life balance has become an important factor for many new hires. What do you offer in order to support a work-life balance? A flexible work schedule and offering remote-working opportunities can be added as perks for your new hires.

5. What Do Your Online Reviews Look Like?

Have you checked your online your online reviews, lately? Candidates are now taking a look at online reviews of potential employers. Glassdoor and Indeed have employer reviews where current and past employees provide insider information of what it’s like to work in your company. It is then important to create a positive and wholesome work culture, that employees enjoy being in.

6. Poor Compensation & Benefits

Attracting high quality talent will cost you. Starting with a low salary is not advantageous. A comprehensive and flexible benefits package can help you win top talent. It is important to make a candidate an offer that they cannot refuse.

7. Is There Room to Grow?

It is important for a candidate to be able to see room for progression in your business. During the interview it is important to highlight training and development programs that are available in your organisation. Your investment in a candidate has to be visible and transparent.

If you would like to find out more about how to improve your recruitment process, get in touch with one of our specialist recruitment consultants today.


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