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Unveiling HR and Recruiting Secrets: A Podcast

📢Now live -- Jennifer Osborn's first podcast experience! 📢

Jennifer recently had the privilege of being a guest on the highly acclaimed podcast, "The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Business," hosted by the incredible Catryn Becker. Our discussion delved deep into the world of HR and recruiting.

Catryn is an internationally bestselling author and a renowned speaker who has shared stages with Hollywood celebrities like Kiefer Sutherland and Cole Hauser. She has also had the honor of engaging with esteemed business giants including Stedman Graham, Adam Coffey, and even billionaire Fred. Moreover, Catryn's conversations with NBA legends Phil Jackson and Cuttino Mobley have been nothing short of captivating.

During Jennifer's interview with Catryn, they explored the nuances of HR and recruiting, shedding light on the distinct roles and skill sets required for each. Jennifer shared insights on how TalentSENSE specializes in fractional HR management, providing dedicated HR professionals to guide small and midsize organizations through their HR needs. Additionally, they delved into our unique approach to recruiting, acting as trusted headhunters for middle-level to executive positions and sourcing top-performing passive candidates.

By tuning in to this episode on your favorite podcast platform, you will discover the secrets behind successful HR practices, learn effective recruitment strategies, and gain a deep understanding of the current job market trends.

Thank you for being a valued member of our TalentSENSE community!


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