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Top Reasons Why The Right People Are Not Applying to Your Jobs

Top Reasons Why the Right People Are Not Applying to Your Jobs

Did you know that according to, 92% of job applicants abandon their online job applications before completing them?

Have you sat through your company's online application process? How long does it take? How much information does a candidate need to repeat throughout the process? Is it user-friendly?

I speak at events and facilitate webinars regularly about interviewing and recruiting. One of the biggest takeaways for participants from the content shared is to sit through their company's online application process and find ways to shorten and streamline it. Here are some more takeaways about job postings and attracting the right people to them:

  • WIIFM (What's In It For Me):  By "Me", I mean the job applicant. Many employers forget to "sell" the job in the job posting. It reads like a boring job description. Read yours from the candidate’s perspective – what’s the tone? Why would someone want this job/to work at your company?

  • Unclear Job Postings: If your job postings are vague or lack important details, such as a comprehensive list of benefits, potential candidates may not fully understand the opportunity, leading them to pass on applying.

  • Forgetting About the Candidate Experience: The candidate experience is the impressions and perceptions a job candidate has during the application, interview, and selection process. What would candidates say about their experience interviewing with you? What do you think they are telling family and friends about it?

  • Limited Visibility: If your job postings are not reaching the right audience, qualified candidates may not even be aware of the opportunities. Utilize various channels, including social media and niche job boards.

  • Negative Reviews or Reputation: Poor reviews on employer review sites or negative word-of-mouth can impact the employer's reputation. Addressing employee concerns and actively improving your workplace can mitigate this.

  • Slow Hiring Process: A lengthy and slow hiring process can cause qualified candidates to lose interest or accept other offers. How many interviews do candidates have to complete? Are interviews rescheduled frequently?

Hopefully, these tips helped you understand the potential reasons behind a lack of suitable applicants and how you can make your job opportunities more appealing to top talent.

Are you still feeling overwhelmed with interviewing and recruiting?

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